University of Rochester Long QT Syndrome Risk Calculator

Date of Birth:


QTc (in msec, Bazett's formula):

History of Syncope:


Patient will be continuously treated by beta blockers
Patient will not be treated by beta blockers

Prediction of 5-year absolute risk of the first life-threatening arrhythmic event (defined as aborted cardiac arrest, sudden cardiac death, or appropriate implantable cardioverter defibrillator [ICD] shock)



This calculator should NOT be used in

· Patients with a previous history of cardiac arrest

· Patients who are genotype negative or with unknown genotype and has a QTc < 470ms.

· Patients younger than one year and older than 49 years.

This calculator is not intended to replace clinical judgement. The risk of life-threatening arrhythmic events should be interpreted as a continuum in the context of the patient’s clinical condition.